Planning/scrum poker made easy

Agile estimation and planning, aimed at simplicity and efficiency.
Pokrex Scrum Poker - Room

Start a room

Here is where planning and grooming happen. Invite participants by sending them a link or inviting them.

  • Easy to use
  • Automatically switches story
  • Elegant vote status display
  • No sign up for participants, just share the link or QR code
  • Mobile friendly


See all your past data, including statistics, history, rooms and recent stories/cards.

  • Quick stats
  • Meeting status
  • View history and frequency
  • Review recent stories/cards
Pokrex Scrum Poker - Dashboard
Pokrex Scrum Poker - Point scheme

Multiple schemes

We offer multiple story point schemes to meet different requirements from our users.

  • Fibonacci
  • 0-8
  • T-shirt(XS-XXL)